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Are you ready to: Simplify your life? No matter your stage of life we all need inspiration and encouragement.  A push in the right direction!  I'm currently in the stage of young children, three of them actually!  They're the light of my life and my inspiration.  So I know time and energy is a real factor when it comes to every day life.  Between work, school, friends and family, volunteering, and just time for yourself... it's crazy!  So I'm opening the doors and talking real life and real struggles that we as women go through; and how to look at them differently, conquer obstacles together, and live a happier more fulfilled life.  

My background is business based, working for sales and marketing departments in companies both small and corporate.  I owned my own baking business (something I'm sure I'll incorporate into some fun vlogs) and I've been a personal stylist for over five years.  

It's the personal styling that ignited my excitement to change the lives of women around me.  As a stylist, you see women at their most vulnerable points; their insecurities are brought to light and walls come down.  Because come on!  Most of us have not been taught how to get dressed and, we don't ask for help from our friends!  It's an insecurity we push to the side and question at every turn. "So how the heck do I get dressed. I have no time!" 

From personal styling to a complete closet makeover, I work with women to give them new eyes for possibilities, and simplify the process to create a simple, calm surrounding that leaves room for inspiration, creativity and focus. And we're not going to stop at style!  Life is short, let's make it a little easier by staying motivated together, having a creative outlet, knowing you're not alone as a mom, and letting go of that mom guilt of perfection. I'm here with you and for you and am excited to give you great life tools from my crazy random stash of experience!  

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Heather Corey is an artist and her background includes sculpture, art education and illustration. She received her BA from Moravian College and MFA from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Heather lives in Glen Rock, NJ, with her husband and three sons.


Hi! I’m Adrienne Amster, a wife to a tech-geek, mom to a young toddler, and high school Spanish teacher. I love to read, write, and learn. Though I’m not athletic and would never opt to play an organized sport, I do enjoy being outdoors as often as possible. I spend my days chasing after William, drinking coffee, and teaching the future of America now to conjugate verbs. Life is full and beautiful! 

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