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Day 17 - 3 Keys to Embracing Each Life Season...As a Mom of 3

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

I'm excited to introduce Heather Corey, mom to three sons and an extraordinary minimalist mom! When I entered Heather's home for the first time I was overcome with a sense of peace. You could look around and see Heather's amazing creative flair but nothing was cluttered, everything had it's place and each item had a purpose. My great friend Heather inspired me to really think through the purpose of my home and I'm privileged to enjoy her encouragement and company, I know you'll love her words of wisdom.


Heather Corey is an artist and her background includes sculpture, art education and illustration. She received her BA from Moravian College and MFA from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Heather lives in Glen Rock, NJ, with her husband and three sons.


Toys, trains, diapers, dinosaur pj’s, Star Wars books and so much more. These are just some of the typical things that are part of our home, mostly in our basement and more specifically, in our boys’ playroom. My husband and I have three boys ages 5, 3 and 1. Before having children, we enjoyed sharing our hobbies with each other, fixing things and combining our talents to create a functional home. Our way of organizing became known as ‘systems.’ Throughout our eleven years of marriage, we have maintained our systems. In this season of life, our systems are critical and a necessity, in order to have contentment.

Our functional home requires daily maintenance and cleaning, and there is a lot of that happening! For this reason, I have created 3 keys to embracing each life season.

My first key is the ‘walk around.’ As I move from room to room throughout our home, I make it a game to find something that can either be used, repaired, put away or placed into the donation bag. This is a game that I play daily; however, on some days the game is extremely brief or cut short.

My second key is the ‘simplified sort.’ This act requires my undivided attention. To make things fun, I complete this task after each major holiday. A few days ago, we took down our Christmas tree, and I had already started to take down the other decorations. During this process, I take extra time to sort through everything, label storage boxes and simplify. Anything that needs repairing is set aside and later placed onto my husband’s workshop table. It’s extremely gratifying to take inventory and to repair our things for next year’s holiday!

Lastly, my third key is ‘stage and display.’ As an artist, my overall mentality is finding creativity in all things. Our living room mantle is where I stage and display photos of our boys, ceramic flowers from my dear friend and plaster vases from my mother. Throughout the seasons, I alter its orientation, create flower arrangements and add holiday elements and decorations. This activity provides a visual and a sense of pleasure. Our living room is where my husband and I spend time together after our boys go to bed, and it’s a space where our boys play board games and watch Star Wars with Daddy. Having a celebrated mantle provides joy and reflects our happy and lived-in home!

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