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Day 1 - Clutter Clean Out- Getting Started

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

"My house shouldn't have this much stuff in it!"

It's January 1st; a new year has begun and motivation for crushing goals is high! It's the perfect time to clean out unwanted and unused objects around your home that make you feel overwhelmed and really don't bring you much joy! So I'm challenging you to join me as I play my own #minimalistsgame and look to reinvent how I view my space and the things in it. Ultimately, removing unwanted or unnecessary objects from our homes to create a simple, calm surrounding that leaves room for inspiration, creativity, and focus! On day one you're simply going to throw one item away. No, not a soda can; not a piece of scrap paper. You're going to go into a drawer or closet and find something of substance and separate yourself from it.

Are you in? When I ask this question I know various scenarios are going through your mind. Depending on your personality type and how you view challenges, responsibility, and accountability will determine how well you stick to this! Some will be excited, join the Facebook challenge group, and begin commenting right away, easily following the instructions and removing items. Others will be on board but silently watch in the background, not really wanting to get involved, while others will think a structured forum for such things is a waste of time, but will still remove pieces of clutter throughout the month. I'm fascinated by personality types and differences; habits and thinking patters. So, whether you stick to the FourTendencies or the 9 Enneagram types, I would first challenge you to do some self searching before you dive into this challenge. You'll find a better understanding of yourself, your strengths and challenges and ultimately be more successful in crushing the next 30 days.


Create a list of problem areas in your home you'd like to conquer. Then take that list and put it in order of smallest to largest space. By starting with smaller spaces, such as the kitchen junk drawer or under the bathroom sink, you can build on smaller accomplishments. Small successes will build momentum and motivation to keep you going to bigger projects.

You can also order your list of problem areas from the most to least important if you'd rather conquer the garage or attic first. These are ambitious projects but are not easily done in a sitting, and you may feel defeated if you don't accomplish it in the time you mentally carved out.

So on day one; Figure out your personality type and create a list. Go open the closet and throw something away. Keep going and don't give up!

What did you get rid of on Day 1? Was it hard or did you find it a relief and an inspiration to let go?

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