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Day 10 - A Foundation For Success

Every success achieved in our lifetime will be through hard work and determination. This is from making your your every day easier by pre planning meals all the way to achieving success in the workplace. Sounds like a textbook quote, right? But it's true, it seems to be far too common these days that everyone expects instant success without really trying and failing, without disappointment in yourself or others, and without doing ten thousand things that absolutely terrify us! I'm sorry, but it's time to put your big girl pants on and face reality. You have to work for it. You have to push through and work for that clean basement, a clean living room; success in your family, marriage, or business. If we were instantly successful where's the fun in that? You'd miss out on getting started, the journey along the way, and the monumental learning moments. Never deprive yourself of a journey in the rush to be a success. Your life, and uncluttering your home, is never a sprint, it's more often a marathon.

Here are Three ways to Set a Successful Mindset

1. State of Growth

When I'm not in a state of growth I'm miserable. If I feel stagnate in life, I easily get frustrated, and question why I'm on this planet. I strive for always being better, reaching the next goal, doing my very best. So, I always have to be doing something, going somewhere or learning and trying something new. Maybe this is part of my personality (or I'm being melodramatic), but I think we'd all agree that when we're in a state of growth we are much happier. When my kitchen is clean all of a sudden I feel the urge to write a book! When I go to the gym I then have the confidence to come home and rip apart my basement! I've loved seeing how everyone in our group has shared how the decluttering challenge has overflown into other areas of life! All of a sudden because you've thrown away some junk and cleaned some clutter, you went on a walk with the dog, you deleted over a thousand emails, you ran to the store and did returns on unwanted items, you unsubscribed from email lists. You are being impacted in so much more than a cleaner space, you are also making much cleaner head space.

2. Know Your Foundation:

New York Times Best Selling Author, Gretchen Rubin, categorized #unclutter as one of her four foundational habits to real life altering change. Along with sleep, movement, and diet, uncluttering enables profound change to happen in other areas of life. In Rubin's book Better Than Before she says (and I love this!) "People get a real lift when they put things in their place, tackle nagging tasks, clear surfaces, and get rid of things that don't work or aren't used. This surge of energy makes in easier to ask more of ourselves, to use our self-control, and to stick to a challenging habit. Also, accomplishing small tasks boosts our sense of 'self-efficacy.' The more we trust ourselves to follow through on our own commitments, the more likely we are to believe that we can keep important habits."

Commit to working on habit forming foundations! You're already into 10 days of Less Mess Less Stress! Experts say it takes 2-4 weeks to make a habit so you getting closer! If you feel good now, think about how good you'll feel when you make it to the end. Creating a foundational habit that will sustain your energy going forward!

Never deprive yourself of a journey in the rush to be a success.

3. Push Through Difficult Changes

Being the crazy thrill seeking individual I am, I always seem to find myself in interesting situations. Yesterday I was working on memorizing choreography for an exercise routine which I'd be tested on this weekend. I laid back on my mat and cried, I wasn't getting it. I'd never done this before, and it was too hard. What was I thinking! I sat up and watched the track again and again before facetiming my sister (who's an amazing fitness trainer) and asked her for help. Her knowledge, skill, and encouragement was enough to push me through and even though I had really bombed the track (in front of people) earlier that morning, I went back again at night and did the class again! Another way I'm out of my comfort zone and challenging myself is this blog. I committed to blogging along these thirty days and there are many nights when it's hard! This hasn't been a habit and I certainly didn't ease myself into doing this, but I said it out loud. I told people I was going to do it and I told myself I was going to do it. I committed. So I will write a little something every day.

Do you find it easier to push through a situation or task when you have someone doing it with you or keeping you accountable? I know I do and I know I've cleaned so much more these last ten days because of the accountability I feel! You're probably facing some difficult decisions when clearing out clutter. Special memories will arise, and maybe you've found something that brings back bad memories, or maybe the shear number of items is simply overwhelming you and takes the wind out of your sails. Well, in the nicest way I can put it...don't you DARE give up! Of course you can do this so keep doing it! If you are unhappy with something you owe it to yourself to change it. Live a full and engaged life and take back the feeling of control by tossing out one useless old paper at a time!

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