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Day 12 - Decluttering Your Kitchen

I remember being engaged to be married and creating my wedding registry; wow was that exciting! I added on every single kitchen gadget and gizmo I could find! And I obviously needed multiples of everything! As gifts came rolling in I was showered with hoards of beautiful new kitchen necessities, matching pot and pan sets, mixers and spatulas galore; and I loved every piece of it! As the years have gone on I've had my fair share of Pampered Chef, Tupperware, and numerous other must have kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier, but I was quickly faced with a problem; I had nowhere to store all my cooking necessities. Our first apartment was small and our second apartment wasn't much bigger! I dreamed for the day I'd have my very own home and beautiful kitchen! Well, I have a home but my kitchen is still small - I only have two kitchen drawers! So year after year my duplicate kitchen items sat in bins. My two drawers were stuffed to the brim making it difficult to open and close or find anything easily.

I finally had to make some decisions. First, I didn't need five sets of measuring cups, three potato peelers, and seventeen can openers (that number is exaggerated)! The special egg pan that looked like a chicken was cute but it wasn't necessary! All the Cutsie cookware wasn't serving any real purpose and it had to go! And go it did! I learned to live within my space and say goodbye to cookbooks, extra spatulas, hand me down counter top organizers and so much more! I felt so free at last! It's easy to store a lot of kitchenware in a very small space so here are some areas to look for when tackling your kitchen! Don't be afraid to get rid of things! Remember when opening the cabinet door you should be able to see exactly what you have without it falling out or you having to rummage through to find it!

10 Areas to Declutter Your Kitchen:

1. Your Spice Cabinet or Rack - Check each one and see if they're expired! If so, toss them! If you keep your spices on a wrack of any sort consider alphabetizing them to cut down on all the time we KNOW you take trying to find it!

2. Unused or broken dishes and crockery - If you never use it, donate it! If its cracked or broken throw it out!

3. If you have broken kitchen appliances get rid of them! Mixer, can opener, crock pot - if it doesn't work it's just taking up space so throw it out.

4. Go through your pantry - Donate food you'll never use. Maybe you threw a party and have lots of leftover cans, juice boxes, bags of marshmallows. If you're not going to use it donate it! Check the expiration dates of cans and boxes, if it's expired throw it out!

5. Throw away kitchen towels - Especially ones with holes or frays. If they are gross and have sen better days then you'd better get rid of them! Go splurge and buy yourself a new one for a few bucks.

6. Refrigerator and freezer - we all have weird random things sitting in the corners of our refrigerators! Clean them out! If you have an extra freezer, go through and check expiration dates, and if you pick something up and you don't even know what it is you'd better chuck it! Remove all the questionable food! Check dates on all your condiments and salad dressings, it's amazing the amount of years I'll have something! I shouldn't have food from 2017 in my refrigerator!

7. Cups and Mugs - As I was cleaning the basement I found three memorable mugs I really liked from college! But the problem is my cupboard is already stacked to the brim with mismatched cute mugs! I don't have room for more! So go through and get rid of any that are chipped, you don't like, or you don't have room for; and if you get a new mug in then you have to move an old mug out! Same goes for your glasses, if they have chips in them, throw them out!

8. Kids dish-ware - if you have small kids you know they are given a lot of fun dishes and plastic flatware! But guess what! My kids don't need five cups and ten plates each! Scale it back to just yours (and their) favorites!

9. Throw out old Tupperware and storage containers - if they are old, look funny, bent and you can't find a matching lid, get rid of it!

10. Flatware drawer - I don't know why (other than I only have two drawers in my kitchen) but my flatware drawer collects the most random things! Go through and see what you have in yours! I have small cleaning brushes for baby bottles - if they're old and discolored get rid of them, broken knives, old scissors that don't cut, straws, clips, bottle openers, etc. clean them all out!

Bonus! Extra points for cleaning out the junk drawer I bet 95% of you have in your kitchen which includes all the random restaurant menus on the side of your refrigerator of in a drawer!

2nd Gold Star Bonus! With the turn of technology in the last ten years my need for cookbooks have been minimized! I have one or two books but mainly store my recipes on Pinterest or have printed out my favorite recipes and put them in a three ring binder creating my own book for quick recipe access! It's the best!

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