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Day 13 - Declutter Your Living Area

One day, I want company to be able to just stop by my house, unannounced, and my home be in perfect condition. No plates on the dining room table, no toys scattered about, no laundry waiting to be taken upstairs. There have been way too many times people have stopped by and I try to simply talk to them through the crack in the door! One time a good friend had to pick up some cookies and I wasn't even wearing pants! This is real life people! And while I wish my home looked like a picture in a magazine it most likely wont, why? Well because we live here with three small children and let's just say, we're all making memories. There's art hung up everywhere, I have a tower made of shipping boxes Hailey put together so her little animals have somewhere to sleep. I'm constantly picking up legos and cheerios but you know what, it's ok! I'd rather have my happy creative children then the perfect home 100% of the time, and kids don't really require pants!

While I can't control the mess throughout the day I can easily control clutter. These two areas, I believe, are different. I can have a decluttered living area and not allow mail, magazines and who knows what in the corner, to stack up. What are some of your problem areas that fall under "living area." Maybe a Den, living room, and dining room. Here are some great tips to help you declutter those spaces to help you feel comfortable again!

10 Areas To Declutter Your Living Area:

1. Furniture - If you have furniture you don't like or don't use, has holes or rips, sell or donate it! That being said if you live in a small space don't overcrowd it with oversized furniture.

2. Cds and DVDs - First off, most CDs are sadly a thing of the past, especially those bulky cd stands! Get rid of CD cases you don't need. Condense the collection in a binder. Throw away scratched or broken discs. Convert the them to mp3s. Donate those you no longer listen to.

3. Old "Fluff" - Pillows, throw blankets, or cushions that have holes or rips, throw them out.

4. Old Books, magazines and newspapers - Come on, most of you don't need all those magazines! If you've read them and they're old get rid of them, and there's no way you need newspapers sitting around - trash them!

5. Decorative Items and Nick Knacks - If your decor is outdated and you're looking for a new look, get rid of the old stuff. If it's outdated for you it's probably outdated for others. Nick knacks and small collectables can quickly add up only to collect dust. I would suggest rearranging decor a few times a year to keep it fresh and get rid of what you're not using.

6. Games and puzzles that are missing pieces - why would you keep them if...they're missing pieces! If you have games and puzzles that DO have all the pieces but you NEVER play with them, donate them!

7. Old Remotes - if they are broken or to TVs and devices you no longer have, why do you have them?

8. Candles - If you don't like the way they smell and they're new (because someone gave it to you as a gift) give them away or donate them. If they are all burnt up, trash them!

9. Table Linens - fold and store table linens in drawers as you would your clothing, standing upright so you can see what you have. If they are stained, ripped, or the wrong size, get rid of them!

10. Old electronics - tv doesn't work? Get rid of it! Old computer doesn't work? Wipe the hardrive and trash it! Old game consuls, give away or try and sell.

As we live our busy lives it's easy for clutter to stack up quickly! But when we sit down on the couch to relax after a busy day or get down on the floor to play with our kids after work, it's nice to look around and not be distracted by the clutter! Live a more engaged life, removing the unnecessary to make room for what matters most.

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