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Day 18 - 5 Instant Mood Boosters

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

What does it mean to be happy? Not simply doing, surviving or living life, but truly enjoying where I'm at and the phase of life I'm in. I'm a mom of three, I've been home with these adorable little ones for over six years. Switching my life from from working women to stay at home working mom is a whole blog post for another time but through all the changes in these last few years one thing I always ask myself is, "am I happy." I want to be happy and I don't think that's selfish. I think everyone wants to be happy and happiness can be found many different ways. As a Christian I believe true happiness can only be found in a spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ. But even great founders of the faith thought about happiness, sorrows and struggles in life. So I believe constantly being in a state of growth in all areas of life really contributes to one's happiness. As a seven on the enneagram I find this to be abundantly true, I must always be challenged and growing otherwise I get bored and am unhappy. But, I've also found a few key ways to simple boost my mood on a down day and they're very simple.

So let's boost our mood!

1. Let the light in!

Open your window shades and let the sunlight in! In our decluttering maybe you've found some windowsills that had clutter all over them, remove the clutter and clear the space. Wash the windows inside and out and allow the natural light to radiate into your home. Your mood naturally heightens with sunlight! If you've been thinking about updating your window shades maybe now is a good time! Whenever I'm in my room and I want to get something done, I instantly go over to my windows and pull up the blinds and it gives me extra energy to get through my daunting task. Light may also illuminate some corners you've been neglecting but you'll be so happy from the sunlight you'll feel good enough to tackle the clutter when you get the chance. It'a an instant mood boost!

2. Fresh Air.

Whenever you step outside and breath in a deep breath of cold crisp air doesn't it make you feel alive? I love being able to open my windows and let the fresh air blow in on a cool autumn or early spring day. Mix fresh air and bright sunlight and I may just start singing a musical number and small woodland creatures will talk to me! Years ago before kids, I would get up very early each morning, even when it was dark out, and go for a run to wake me up and it made a huge difference in my day. Fresh air Is essential to our lives, not only to boost your mood but for: digestion, cleaning of your lungs, blood pressure, strengthening of your immune system and numerous other benefits. So go for a walk in the morning, on your lunch break, or with the dog after work. Need a breather from whatever's going on inside your home? Just go ahead and leave your house, take a big breath and walk back inside. I promise it will make you feel better.

3. Be Grateful

I'd love to start a gratefulness journal and it's on my list of goals for this year. There is so much to be grateful for and when we stop and count our blessings our mood is often lifted and life seems a little easier. There's a lot to be said about the topic of gratefulness and how it relates to our happiness. Find the silver lining, be the pollyanna of the group. Complaining is easy but it takes true strength to be happy and light.

Take a moment each morning and spend time praying and meditating on what you're grateful for. When your day starts out with positives, positivity will follow. So "act the way you want to feel." I want to feel happy so happy I will be. If you act grumpy you will be grumpy. Your emotions follow your actions and not the other way around. So find something to be grateful about each and every day and be grateful for your blessings.

4. Sing

That's right, sing. Even if you don't like your voice I find when my kids are acting up, I get stressed, and everything starts going downhill. So, I start singing randomly. Because, I sing when I'm happy , so my brain will be happier when I sing. I have no proof of that, just personal experience. Think of the impact music has on your life. Playing happy, upbeat music will have an emotional effect on your day so make sure you're playing the mood of music you want to feel. When sad we tend to lean towards artist and songs that reflect our feelings. Play one or two then hop over to something encouraging to lift your mood.

5. Give a Hug.

Physical contact with something you care about is an instant mood booster. Experts say the perfect hug time is six seconds. This helps release stress, tension, anxiety and built up emotions you haven't had time to deal with . Your day is instantly better when you embrace someone. Earlier today I was frustrated with my kids. They were fighting, talking back and not following instructions whatsoever. I yelled and my little guy instantly had tears welling up in his eyes. I knew I was wrong for snapping and asked him to come over for a hug, I held him there tightly in my arms reassuring him how much I loved him. Holding him there for a few minutes completely took away all my pent up frustrations. The physical connection is very strong, you can solve a lot of problems without words and a lot more hugs.

What are some small things you've done to boost your mood? I also find cleaning up to boost my mood as well as taking time to grab a short nap, drinking coffee, watching funny cat videos, and cuddling with my children.

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