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Day 2 - Clutter Clean Out - Less Mess, Less Stress

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Have you every looked into a room or down a hallway and wished you could just snap your fingers and have everything be magically put away? I often think of the black and white tv show #Bewitched, I could simple wiggle my nose and all the clutter and clothes would be gone! Unfortunately, our messy halls and closets don't work that way, but it would be fun! We dive into a project area thinking it will be quick and easy only to find that our mess has seemingly multiplied as we pull more and more out!

On day one, I encouraged you to figure out what makes you tick by taking a personality test. I also encouraged you, to make a list of problem areas, sort them from smallest to largest or greatest to least, and conquer them in the order that best suites you. And, I encouraged you to start small with a drawer. Some did desktops, others did spice racks, and even sock drawers! Don't stop! Try and stay in the same room and do another drawer, or two of them until you've completed the projects for that room. It's so exciting!

It's the next day of this challenge and yesterday was probably amazing! It was so easy to throw that one piece away! It gave you great satisfaction and you wanted to get rid of more! If you're anything like me, you got rid of way more than one thing, maybe you cleaned out an entire corner of your room! This day will feel just as exciting because it's easy and motivating. You've brought to light what you've known needed to be done and you've taken off the blinders to the problem areas.

On day two try and figure out the best organization methods for your clean spaces. There's nothing worse then cleaning out a drawer and just simply throwing the good stuff back in to slip and slide around with no purpose. So get creative! Instead of recycling those empty card boxes or shoe box tops, repurpose them as organizational dividers for smaller items such as pens and nick knacks. Small boxes are also helpful for large bathroom drawers, separating nail polishes, hair supplies, makeup, and countless supplies! Not to mention the time and money it will save you from running out to the store to get expensive organizational tools!

Instead of pilling sheets and towels on top of themselves inside the linen closet, use a basket to store them vertically instead of horizontally so you can easily view what you have and pull out the towel you want to use. This is also a great way to fold clothing, but we'll talk about that in a future post!

Have a dozen small purses that easily get overlooked? Store them vertically in a shallow basket, so you can easily pick out the clutch you're looking for! Hang hooks on the inside of doors for easy storage of scarves, bags or hoodies. This keeps them in sight and in use!

Next time, we'll talk about living inside the containers, meaning, don't exceed the container itself. Don't have more pens than the box allows. If your shirts are so crammed inside the drawer you can't pull anything out (or put anything in), then you need to reduce the number of shirts you have, and live inside that limit.

So breath a little easier, go to bed smiling, and don't forget to take out the trash! Because less mess is less stress! Join in the fun In our Facebook group Clutter Clean Out 2020

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