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Day 21 - Time to Get "Un-crafty"

Ah, craft time. We love making creative things out of bits and pieces of other creative things. We like to save miscellaneous jars, buttons, canisters, and containers in hopes that someday, we'll create that amazing craft we saw on Pinterest. But for most, time passes, life gets busy, and there your collection sits, loosing promise with each passing day.

Craft time can happen multiple times a day creating an array of glitter, tape and goggly eyes. The organizing and reorganizing of these supplies can be exhausting! In my home we have all my unused craft items and then we have my kid's craft items. These two areas had something very much in common, neither were organized, until recently that is. As I went to put away a coloring book, I realized that my system was flawed so I pulled out a few books to make room. I then proceeded to pull out the supply bin and one thing lead to another and out of nowhere I was reorganizing the entire cabinet. It was hard work, but three trash bags later my supplies were well organized fitting neatly into their containers. I was so happy I took the time to work through the mess, and the process motivated me to take a good look around at what else was taking up unnecessary space in my home.

We all like to be crafty, me especially! I've made dozens of different types of crafts, simply for the joy of making them. I especially enjoy cookie decorating! Having been a professional cookie artist in the past, I love keeping and collecting fun cutters, sprinkles, and cookie supplies! Maybe you like to sew, create art with flowers, or create your own greeting cards! That's all great! But like anything else in our home when it goes unchecked it becomes unorganized, stifling your creative flair!

So here are a few areas to clean up your craft area!

1. Donate supplies you never use - This can be hard! While clearing out my basement I came across some painting supplies. I really wanted to keep them for the day I decided to actually sit and paint something. But here's the thing, I've had these supplies for over ten years and they haven't been opened yet! If I'm serious and one day I have time, I'll spend a few dollars on some new water colors.

2. Throw out scraps of materials - You know, the end of the felt, bits of yard and ribbon, fabric pieces or swatches, plastic containers, old magazines, greeting cards, baby jars, you name it! I've saved so many things "going to make a craft from it" and never have! If you've been saving them for more than a year, get rid of them.

3. Trash dried up supplies - glue, markets, felt pens, paints, chalk board pens, etc. Go through and test your supply, if the pen doesn't work, throw it away!

4. Get rid of half finished craft projects - if you have projects that have been sitting around for forever either throw them out, finish them immediately, or donate them to someone who will. If you have a pile of mason jars you've been saving to create upside down snow globes for five years, make the choice! Sell them online or give them to a friend, but get them out of your way.

5. Organize your space - the fun part. Enjoy what you have. For my cookie cutters they each have a labeled box telling me the category they're in. I can easily go to my stash and find exactly what I'm looking for without aimlessly going through 30 boxes (yes I have that many!). So if you don't have a label maker get one! If you have stacked organizers label what each drawer is to save you from going through each one over and over again. If you haven't started organizing, hit up amazon.com or the Container store for some great ideas and options! You should feel creative when you walk into your space and not stressed.

Creating something beautiful is fun for everyone! Be selective when holding onto household materials you're hoping to craft from. I like to take extra materials and donate them to my children's school. I know they always need new supplies! So simplify your life and bless another!

Extra tip - I've found that, like when cooking, if I put away the supply immediately after using it clean up is a breeze and I'm not left with a dozen things to put away!

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