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Day 22 - What's In Your Bag

Every morning I pick up my bag and wonder, "why is this so heavy?" "What could possible be in here?" But because I'm in a rush I don't do anything about it, I simply throw it over my shoulder and out the door I go. Have you been there? Every time I clean out my bag I'm simply astonished at what I find, and usually a bit disgusted. With three small children the number of random items found at the bottom of my purse varies from small toys to silverware. Yet, I never have what I need! When I think about it, I only really need my keys, wallet, phone, wipes, and a diaper. But I'm usually hauling around a few extra pounds of nothing...and I forget the diaper.

Our wallets and purses can overwhelm us, so here are a few ways to simplify them! Before you hit this list, take your wallet, purse and/or diaper bag and completely empty it's contents onto the floor or table. Only what is necessary will go back in.

1. Start with your keys - discard old keys you no longer use or know what they belong to. Also on your key ring, discard any loyalty cards you no longer use.

2. Cards - cut up old expired debit and credit cards - especially to department stores. These can add up quickly over time. Or, maybe you need to also cut up some valid credit cards too? Just sayin' less debt can lead to a happier stress free life.

3. Papers and Receipts - clear out old receipts from your wallet and throw away papers, brochures, pamphlets, and cards from your purse. I'll often take my children's papers from church and stuff them in the bag only to find them crumpled at the bottom weeks later. Also try and keep notebooks organized if it's your work bag!

4. Food items - snacks and treats are great to keep on hand but that crushed package of cookies and crackers at the bottom of your purse is just unpleasant.

5. Beauty Products - throw away old chapsticks and lip glosses.

6. Organize baby needs - instead of tossing diapers and wipes into the main bag simply put them in a zip lock bag to keep them away from everything else.

7. Pens - You either have a hundred pens or you have none. Clear out any excess pens, pencils and markets cluttering your bag.

8. Drinks - Yes, drinks. One time my bag was so heavy, I searched down, not too deep, to find two full water bottles! I'll often collect multiple sippy cups out of nowhere as well and it can really weight down the bag!

What's the strangest thing you've ever found in your purse or wallet? I'd love to hear about it! Do you find this a constant struggle to keep organized? I certainly do! I like to be prepared, especially as a mom, you never know what you might need. Even when you have it all you still have forgotten something. But I can still do my best to keep everything organized and clean so it's easier to find what I DO need!

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