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Day 7 - Just Start

Have you ever walked into a room and just through, "where do I even start?" I've said this so many times throughout my life I've lost count! I remember as a kid helping my grandfather clean out his garage for $5. It was a Saturday morning in the middle of summer, and I was looking for things to do, ways to make some money. I loved spending time there. He instructed me to pull everything out of the garage into the driveway and then put it back in. He then walked away, leaving me to it. I looked at that old detached garage like a deer in the headlights. I didn't even know where to begin. There were so many tools, buckets of bolts, lawn supplies, and of course, dust and spider webs. I had no choice, $5 was on the line and he expected me to make the garage better than it currently was. Piece by piece I emptied the garage of everything I could, sorting into piles the items I thought might be related. When I finished he brought me something to drink and praised me on the good job I had done. He was (and still is) someone who applauds good hard work. As he sat down, he told me "everything you do in life is worth doing well and to the best of your God given abilities, even if you don't know how to do it. God will bless your efforts if you don't give up." This lesson spurred me on through life whenever it became hard or I was faced with a situation I didn't want to deal with.

Just as that garage seemed overwhelming for me at ten years old, my basement Is giving me that feeling now! Back then I received a reward for my efforts, $5. Today I'm still given a reward, the reward of accomplishment, of power, of confidence, and less possessions pulling me down. Who knows, maybe I'll give myself $5!

So if you do nothing else, just start somewhere! Here's a great list of areas to start! Over the next few days I'll be sharing various Ideas to help you have specific areas to concentrate one.

Today's List: Declutter Your Bedroom

1. Throw away old socks, especially if they have holes in them. Your toes deserve to be warm.

2. Sort through your hangers and throw away old and broken ones. Have a stock pile from the dry cleaners down the road? Bye bye!

3. Throw away underwear that has holes or the elastic is worn out. Saggy underwear is no fun.

4. Toss old bras and sport bras that are stretched out and worn because they just look awkward and you know it!

5. Donate or throw away clothing that doesn't fit. Dress for the body you have, not "used to have."

6. Throw out clothing with holes, untreatable stains, or are otherwise beyond repair. I mean why would you keep them?

7. Throw away old worn shoes even if you love them. Ugh that's hard!

8. Toss old linens and pillows, even if you save them for when guests come to stay, they don't want to stay on old nasty sheets.

9. Clean out your jewelry box. If you only have one earring of a set throw the other one away (unless it's real!) and invest in something new!

10. Donate or toss old handbags you never use and are taking up space.

Happy decluttering everyone! Remember less mess equals less stress, and a happy day starts in your bedroom!

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