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Day 8 - Bottom Up!

When we moved into our home seven years ago we had the scariest, creepiest basement that nightmares are made from: stinky wood paneling, slimy oil tank room, nasty tile flooring, and 3 dull light fixtures. This space didn't disappoint when it came to the creep factor, and I only went down there when necessary. As you can imagine it was high up on our priority list of areas to refinish because we wanted more storage and livable space. My husband Brandon did an amazing job at gutting the entire basement and refinishing it to perfection! The scary old oil tank was removed and we converted to gas, updated electrical, and plumbing; added closets, carpet, and about twenty new lights! It was the perfect living space...until all our stuff moved in! Fast-forward a few years, a few kids, parents gifting you your most beloved (haha) childhood memories, and we're short on space! I must get a handle on this and do it fast!

As I started going through bin after bin I was having trouble making decisions. Seven years is a good amount of time to be in a house and I thought, "if I moved across the country what would I want to take with me?" I found that to be really helpful in expediting the purging process!

Here's are 10 ways to start decluttering your basement:

1. Toys - if they are broken, missing pieces, outgrown or unplayed with donate or ditch.

2. Games - games have a way of losing pieces, so if you're missing pieces get rid of it. If you never play it, not even on family vacation, donate it or throw it in the trash.

3. Decoration - If you have repeatedly not used specific decorations for multiple years get rid of them. Label the bins so you easily know whats inside.

4. Party Supplies - Instead of hoarding old party supplies like plates and napkins use them up in every day use. Your kids would probably love to use up last years birthday themed napkins! If you can't and won't use them, toss them.

5. Bags - If they are unused, have holes, or are stained get rid of them! I have more reusable bags and totes then I know what to do with, I think my bags have babies when I'm not looking and quickly multiple out of control.

6. Crafting Materials - throw away scraps you won't need. Dry markers, dried up glue bottles, Play-Doh turned to stone, empty tape dispensers, toss them!

7. Workout gear - Have a bar and bench you never use? Make some cash online and sell it to someone who will, or put it to the curb.

8. Movies - DVDs stacking up? Go through and toss (or donate to the library) movies you'll never watch ever again! Want to save more space? Invest in a CD organizer that looks like a decorative book for a more aesthetic appeal and throw away the cases.

9. Gift packaging - There's no way anyone needs 100 Christmas gift bags. Get rid of any old, ripped or "seen better days" packaging. This can include random empty boxes you have lying around as well, recycle them!

10. Pictures - Boxes of unsorted pictures? Sort through and keep your favorite and put them in an album or scan them into your computer. If you don't know the people in the picture, don't know when or where it was taken, don't know the cat or it reminds you of a sad time, throw them out.

These are just ten ideas! I'm sure you have even more! What's in your basement that you need to get rid of?

Regain valuable living space and enjoy some new inspiration! Maybe you can use new found space to set up an entertainment center or crafting area! Maybe decluttering is difficult and inconvenient, but think of the fun and exciting things you could be doing with that space and live your home life to it's fullest! And, sometimes the best place to start is from the Bottom - Up!

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