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Day 9 - The Battle With The Bathroom

"Life is like toilet paper, you're either on a roll or you're taking crap from someone"

The above quote is from something crafty I saw on Etsy and thought it so funny - and so true! Today's topic isn't about dealing with other people, but it is about toilet paper related things such as your bathroom! I'm the oldest of three girls and my sisters will confirm that three teenager girls sharing the same bathroom wasn't always easy! After high school I shared a room with three other girls I didn't know. We had a sink but the shower room was down the hall. Now, I share a full bath with my husband and three small children. All I've ever wanted in life was my own sink and my own bathroom, maybe someday!

Every bathroom is different, none seems to be the same, but a common factor they all have is the lack of space to put all your necessities. Even if your bathroom is large and has plenty of space it's usually used up quickly by extra non-necessities we just happen to have room for, such as Costco sized bubble bath, decorative bar soap, and expired medication. (I definitely needed that Costco sized bubble bath! It was on sale, and I was definitely going to start taking luxurious baths... 6 months ago.) Now, I know opinions vary, but I tend not to buy too much in bulk because well, it makes me feel bulky in my small house. The farthest I get to stocking up is buying a two pack of deodorant. I will never spend extra money to stock up on something I do not need, but let's get back to that bathroom shall we!

Bathrooms! They're big, they're small, some are weird, and some are creepy, but we all have them and make best use possible! So do you have space in yours? Are you able to open the drawers and easily see everything that's in there? Right now, if I'm honest, when you open my bathroom drawer, second down, I look like a retired pharmacist, (don't worry it's locked. I'm not a bad mom) it's just weird. The third drawer down isn't much better, I look like I work for a hair salon! Needless to say none of our bathrooms are the same, we all struggle with space and clutter issues. So let's declutter the bathroom together! Hopefully the following tips are helpful, but if even just a few make a difference then use them in your bathroom today!

Here are the 10 areas to declutter and better organize your bathroom.

1. Old nasty cosmetics - Wow! How many compacts, eye shadows, and old mascaras will you find? Ditch them! If you've never worn it because it isn't the right shade still get rid of it.

2. Beauty product samples - You've been given so many by friends and salons. Especially if they're expired, get rid of them.

3. Beauty product gifts - such as soaps and lotions. I have so much lotion there's no way I could use it all! So donate or throw them away! Or, regift it?

4. Makeup brushes - Old brushes are just nasty and you deserve not to have nasty brushing your face.

5. Staple bathroom supplies - Cotton balls and cotton swabs. If they're in a corner of the drawer or hiding under the sink consider putting them in a glass globe as decoration because they're something everyone thinks they need and barely uses. Old air fresheners should also be thrown away.

6. Hair brushes - Have one or two that you like and throw away the old ones. If for nothing else, hygiene reasons.

7. Clean out the mini pharmacy you have - Old pills and expired medication need to be thrown out or taken back to the pharmacy for disposal.

8. Old hand and face towels - Don't make your body suffer and cry by using sandpaper towels! If they have holes and are fraying you need to get rid of them!

9. Nail supplies - Get rid of dried up nail polish and colors you never use.

10. Hair products - including: old shampoo, conditioner, curling or straightening irons, sprays, softeners, boxes of old dye, hair bands with no stretch, rusty bobby-pins, etc. They all need to be trashed, not stashed! You will not miss them, and you cannot make them into a craft. Just say goodbye!

Here's something fun, get the blood pumping by doing some jumping jacks before you tackle the bathroom, you'll have some additional energy and it will make you laugh at yourself!

However awesome or awful our bathrooms may be you can quickly declutter and reorganize them to make yourself feel like you're, "on a roll," and not always, "taking crap."

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