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Decluttering My Garage

Garages are wonderful spaces made to house and park our trusty vehicles. But for most, the car or van or whatever you drive doesn't actually fit inside. Because, you've filled it with random overflowing junk from the house. I say this in a very none judgmental way of course, as mine is still packed full from our failed attempt at a garage sale on Labor Day.

We live in a small home build in the 1940s and it's amazing how small they made garages back them. I'm sure people possessed less material Items but I've always wondered how they pulled their large cars into these small garages and still managed to get out! Needless to say, neither of our cars are parked in the garage and it needs a major facelift! We've stored so many tools, planks of wood, bikes, baby materials, and of course dozens of cans of used paint. For some reason we can't seem to rid ourselves of paint cans properly so they just sit there year after year!

It's funny, when I get anxious about a task, it makes me put it off more (procrastinate), which then gives me more anxiety! Why do we procrastinate so much! Now back to your garage, here are some great ways to start decluttering your garage and gain proper use of it.

1. Throw away broken tools and scrap materials. - If you picked up a broken snow blower off someone's trash 3 years ago (true story) and still haven't even tried to fix it, it's time to say goodbye. Also, that ever growing pile of scrap materials could probably be smaller.

2. Get rid of exercise equipment! - If you are not using it, list it for sale online or move it out to the curb on trash day!

3. Unused and broken miscellaneous items - You know, all those items that break and you don't know what to do with them, so you put them in the garage hoping they'll magically fix themselves. A random assortment of niknaks thrown into a box while cleaning the house five years ago. Get rid of them! You probably forgot they're even there.

4. Dried Out Paint. - All those cans just sitting there. Just empty out the paint, let the can dry and typical town recycle centers will take them as is. Or, you can also use the kitty litter trick.

5. Get rid of old furniture. - Donate old furniture that is sitting around collecting dust and has been sitting, taking up room in your garage. Or simply put it to the curb.

6. Sports Gear - If you have a pile of bikes that have been outgrown, donate or sell them online.

7. Decoration - if you store your holiday decorations, Christmas tree, and lawn ornaments and find you haven't used some of them in years; it may be time to get rid of them.

8. Lawn Care Equipment - broken rakes, shovels, planting pots, and equipment can be thrown out. Check dates on sprays and any chemicals used around the outside of the home as well.

Your garage is no small task! It takes time and effort to make the space feel open and clean, but when keeping a tidy and organized space is made a habit, you will find freedom in not allowing material items to stack up. Make it a habit of assigning everything you own a purpose. Don't place any box in your garage without a purpose. When things are put places at random you'll be overwhelmed with a feeling of chaos. And guess who's in charge of controlling that chaos? You! So make some tough decisions, and make yourself a cleaner, happier life.

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