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Questions Your Closet Wants You to Ask.

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Your closet is more than a dark hole where you throw shoes, stack sweaters and aimlessly stand in front of hoping for inspiration each morning. Your closet is where your style is born, magic happens, and with the proper organization, can set you up for the perfect day! Every day, especially the busy ones, you're able to reach in with confidence, knowing where everything is and pull together the perfect, polished look.

Time taken creating a closet you love will multiply time saved by ten fold in the years to come. Your image, how people assess and perceive you not only as a professional but another human being is extremely important. So what are the secrets to having a wardrobe you love? How does one have a "perfect closet?" For impeccable style, ask yourself the following questions.

1. Have I worn this in the last year? - If you haven't worn it in the past year chances are you won't wear it in the year to come! Donate it.

2. Does it fit you properly? - If you have a piece of clothing that fits your body type poorly you should get rid of it. Poorly fitting clothing will lower your self confidence. Now, if it's an article you love and you've simply lost some weight, put it in a piIe and take it to a seamstress and ask her what you can do. If not, move it along and make room for something new.

3. Do I like this fabric? Is it comfortable? - You may have seen the cutest sweater on the rack or online but once you got it home and put it on it was a nightmare. Itchy, uncomfortable and it left a rash for a week. Ditch it.

4. Is the item's fabric in good shape? - If your pants have holes in them and they aren't a fashion statement then you need to throw them away. If your sweater has pills all over it use a depiller or toss it. If your favorite boots or heels have lost their sole, time to say goodbye.

5. Do your clothing lines flatter your body? - A piece of clothing that doesn't look good on your body deserves no place in your closet. If you are 5 Feet tall wearing a maxi skirt your tripping over, get rid of it. If you lost a substantial amount of weight and are still wearing your old oversized clothing, which now hangs on you like a sad sack, burn them....just kidding, donate them, but get them out.

6. Ask yourself, is this my style? - Maybe is a birthday gift from mom, or you bought it on a whim while on vacation. If you hate it, will never wear it, and it's taking up valuable closet space get rid of it and make room for something you love. If your sister gives you knee high snake skin boots and your go to look is simple pair of Rothys then you don't need to keep them because you feel bad. Ssssssssee you later.

7. Will this item make it another year? - From jackets to blouses, a belt or your favorite necklace, everything has an expiration date. Nothing last forever. If you have a favorite top with a beaded pattern around the collar and rows of beads are missing, girl, throw it away! I don't care how much you love it, you will look silly. If your jacket pockets have holes in them and loose change is getting lost all over the inside lining, you really need to get rid of it.

8. Is it clean? - You were at a party, wine or sauce got spilled all over your dress and even the dry cleaner couldn't get it out, you won't be able to use an at home stain remover and it magically come out. It's over, say goodbye. Sweat stains around the underarms or collar line, ditch it.

9. Is this item the right color for your skin tone? - Hold up the item against your body and take a really good look, this is a great way to weed out anything thats really not your color scheme. P.S. you need more than black and gray in your wardrobe. If you're a "winter" tone you don't have much yellow if any.

10. Does this piece of clothing fit into your current lifestyle? - Life is constantly changing and we constantly go through different phases of life and, sometimes, our closet is a time capsule of them all. Holding onto maternity clothing even though you're done having children. Outfits from when you were an intern and now you're a CEO and would never wear it again in public. You stayed home with the kids and got comfortable in yoga pants but now you're back at work. In college I wore necklaces that looked like I strung gum-balls together. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that jewelry! Your closet should reflect who you are, not who you were.

11. Do you own too many of the same thing? - In life, it is possible to have too much of even a good thing. It's fine to stick with things that work but too many t-shirts, sweatshirts or decal tops will kill anyone's wardrobe. It's fine to have a few of the same shirt in different colors, like two. Not four or five or six. People will notice you're wearing the same shirt in different colors. We've all done it, so don't do it. All items should be limited except undergarment essentials. But while sifting through your clothing go through these as well, examine your bras, underwear, socks and stockings. You don't need 30 pairs of socks. If your stocking have runs in them get rid of them. If you have underwear that's a few years old, toss them! When I was pregnant I was excited that I fit my same underwear the entire time! Well... I didn't, they stretched. So when the baby weight came off I had to throw them all away because they were too big. So, anything that doesn't fit, get rid of it.

By asking yourself these questions you will easily be able to say goodbye to a good chunk of your closet. Your style is ever evolving. Be the best you possible and make every day a great impression. Style is an essential none verbal communicator to everyone around you. What does your style say about you? Need help with this? Contact a stylist to come in and help you with this process!

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