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Style Workshop

Because every woman deserves to look and feel her very best, the Style Workshop focuses on simplifying your style in three easy steps!  Tailored for group settings, the Style Workshop is perfect for a group of girlfriends who wand to learn and have fun together!  The Style Workshop is also perfect for small businesses and corporate settings for women looking to simplify the process but elevate their look in and out of the workplace!  Learn the basics of your style, how to accessorize with excitement and the perfect add ons, such as belts and shoes!  You'll always be kept up to date on the latest fashion and trends, but most importantly, how to tell your story of who you are using your style! 

You don't have to be going anywhere special to feel special, you already are!

Service Fee $15 per participant

Each participants receives $10 gift card towards accessory purchase

Minimum 6 participants.

Closet Consult

With minimalism and simplifying at an all time high, what's better then learning how to wear clothing you already have in your very own closet!  From jeans to jackets, sweaters to skirts, the perfect outfits are already there!  Have a professional come to your home and pull together dozens of new looks that will have all your friends saying "wow, you look so put together today?"  When you know what you have and how to wear it you'll cut the process time of getting ready each and every day in half!  Your confidence will boost sky high, and you'll feel a whole new you!  Don't have everything you need? A list of suggested items will be created just for you to make sure you're equipped with key wardrobe items that will cost you less and get you more.  This is an invaluable service for closets small and large and a great way to kick off any season!

Service Fee $250

Includes $50 in FREE jewelry of your choice - affiliated through DVTD

Closet Detox

Wow!  You have a lot of great pieces in your wardrobe, if you could FIND IT!  Never fear, everyone needs a detox here and there and your closet and wardrobe is no exception!  Sometimes accountability and a helping hand is necessary to get this process done!  If you have 8 black sweaters and can't find any of them, a pile of old t-shirts stacked sky high, or so many shoes you can't keep count; then the Closet Detox is for you!  This amazing opportunity will give you new eyes for your space and, more importantly, whats inside!  You will be guided through the decluttering and reorganizing process so you can finally say goodbye to the anxiety that overwhelms you every time you open those doors!  Say goodbye to the clutter and hello clean!

Service Fee up to 4 hrs. $300

$50 for each additional hour.

Personal Shopping

Asses your style, your look, and your perfect color pallet then hit your favorite retailer for looks you need! 

Shopping can be difficult, overwhelming, and at times, discouraging. A certified image consultant can help direct you to finding styles you need. You will be taught how to shop, how to find what you need and, make sure you don't buy the same things you already have in your closet! You will leave this experience feeling more confident than ever and be excited tell your friends all you learned!

Service Fee $50 Per Hour.

Does not include purchases made while shopping.

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